Well Being Expo September 2018 

The  Greenhouse Greencroft Industrial Estate, Stanley.  

Event run jointly by Sue Smith Associates and Tony Murphy Consultancy.  Aims of the event to heighten awareness of Complementary Therapies in the Stanley region of Durham.    The event was considered a success by all in attendance.

 Topics covered:– ‘Homeopathy’ by Dr Sen, ‘Pottery and Art’ to relax the mind, ‘Conflict management’, ‘How flowers can lift our spirits’. ‘Stress Management’, Mediation and Meditation, also Essential Oils that help us feel uplifted or calm depending upon how we use them, ‘Keep Moving’ demonstrating gentle exercises for good health. There were 20 Exhibitors and over 60 guests on the day. A raffle for Willowburn Hospice raised £122.11  

Sue Smith Hypnotherapist at stand
Mediation in the work place with Nancy Radford

Wellbeing Expo 20th September 2018 at the Greenhouse Business Centre Stanley

An opportunity to meet local professional complementary, well being therapists and practitioners at our –                                                                                             *** WELLBEING & COMPLEMENTARY THERAPY EXHIBITION

Open to all (subject to ticket availability)              Tickets

Up to 20 exhibition stands, with free talks across lunch from professional life coaches, holistic therapists, hypnotherapists and other specialisms The day is aimed at improving all aspects of life, whether at work, at home in relationships, whether needing more confidence, motivation, relaxation, good karma, a taster massage or simply to enhance your already good lifestyle. Additionally Homeopathy talks, skin and image consultants, and mindfulness eating practitioners. A whole host of varied ‘well-being’ practitioners and related businesses. Also a chance to find out more about the facilities offered in the Greenhouse on this ‘Open Day’.

  • Spacious Venue.

  • Special offers offered by the exhibitors to attendees on the day.

  • Free Talks.

  • Free Parking and local bus route.

  • Free Wi-fi.

  • Cafe Verte and break out areas

  • Garden seating near attractive pond.

  • Charity Fund raising and a raffle in support of Willowburn Hospice.

Boost Your Business Course

I attended a course entitled “Boost Your Business” between 28 and 30 April 2017 at the Novotel, Newcastle upon Tyne, under the auspices of “enterprise made simple”.  The course was funded by Gateshead College and the European Social Fund.

I must confess I approached the course with some trepidation: I had been lacking a little in motivation and commitment for some time and the workload  on the course seemed quite intimidating!

Nevertheless I found myself with a great bunch of people and I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the course leaders, Carol, Nic and Penni who were clearly in command of their subject areas and inspired by a desire to see all attendees succeed.

Although I found the course challenging in many respects I also found it immensely rewarding and I consider myself privileged to have been able to attend and complete the course.

I came away with a renewed enthusiasm and energy together with a wealth of ideas inspired by the course leaders and the other attendees.

I would not hesitate to recommend that anyone who is running or contemplating running a business attends this course

Anthony Murphy B.A., L.L.M., Business Consultancy, and Event Management.

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Conflict Management at work can be avoided.

Small Business Staff Contracts, and how to avoid conflict management.

Recently I was asked to help a small business in the North East, needing to streamline staff to cover for busy and quiet periods.   There was a potential staff conflict situation.  The owner  asked me how we could re-write all the staff contracts and whether there would be a need to employ the services of a consultant  for  potential conflict management.

Following the review.

Fortunately there was no need to change any of the staff contracts. We decided  it was down to training management, and a series of meetings with staff were arranged to discuss the changes.  The staff were asked to contribute their ideas on how to accommodate shift changes without disrupting personal and work routines, and to improve the business.

The staff had become used to very fixed regimes, which did not suit the requirements of the business, which needed to be more flexible.  The business is a very service based organisation, and there was a strong requirement for staff cover at all times.

There was no need to change staff contracts, which already accommodated the appropriate terms, however an incentive scheme was introduced to encourage staff to be more amenable to the new flexible working hours.

The outcome

The staff, were happy to incorporate the changes with some modifications, and agency staff could be brought in to cover some of the low staff periods.  There was no need to engage the services of a conflict management team.

This proved to be successful for the owner and staff.   The owner of the business was pleased at the economic solution.

Conflict was avoided with good foresight and preventative planning, and because we were able to review the legal aspects of the contracts.  This saved the owner a lot of time and unecessary investment in further consultancy costs.

Angel of the North Gateshead

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